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    HR Training

    HR Training can align the skills of your employees with your organisational goals. Whether they be short term skill shortages or long term development programmes.

    All of Agility’s training courses can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on what bests suits your needs. The most popular method is to hold closed training courses on your premises so we can tailor our courses to your specific site/industry.

    However, we can also offer the following:

    • Attend Agility’s open course training
    • Arrange for onsite closed training
    • Remote online tutor lead training
    • eLearning
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    Line Manager Training

    Line Manager Training Do you or your managers understand the framework to follow when dealing with employee related issues, to mitigate the risk of an employment tribunal? Have you found your organisation has more employee related issues following the world...

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    Absence Management

    Absence Management This course illustrates the different approaches that should be adopted when dealing with different types of absences. Explanations are supported by long-standing and recent case law. The course will also explain how you should deal with related and...

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    Healthy and Safety Retainer Support

    Contracts of Employment

    Contracts of Employment The course will give attendees a practical guide to the basic legal principles that govern the formation, existence and termination of employment contracts. The course pays particular attention to varying contractual terms and conditions, as a result...

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    Disciplinary & Grievance

    Disciplinary & Grievance The course is designed to help you identify ways to reduce the risk of you having to deal with disciplinary and grievances at work. The course also considers the balance between the formal and informal approach, when...

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    A health and safety concept of an individual being segregated and protected from other employees due to sickness, coronavirus, health, wellbeing, crime, fraud or behaviour.

    Workplace Discrimination

    Workplace Discrimination Agility’s Discrimination in the Workplace Training is intended to provide you with a knowledge of how current anti-discriminative legislation impacts on the workplace. In particular, the course covers the key aspects of The Equality Act 2010, which brought...

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    Performance Management

    Performance Management This Performance Management Training course explains the legal framework relating to managing performance at work. We aim to give you a clearer understanding of how to deal with underperformers, as well as practical steps to help employees improve...

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    Recruitment & Selection

    Recruitment & Selection This course covers all aspects of employee recruitment and selection; we will explain how to get the best from each process and how to ensure you comply with current legislation, including the Equality Act 2010.

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    Termination of Contract

    Termination of Contract There are a number of ways in which the contract can be terminated; this course will look at each of them, including dismissal and resignation. The course will give you a practical overview of how to deal...

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    Workshops & Webinars

    We have all had a long hard couple of years since the pandemic started in March 2020 and during these uncertain times we have moved all our HR workshops and webinars online. Since then, it’s been no secret that we...

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    Agility Risk & Compliance Ltd provide tailored solutions to mitigate risk and improve compliance in Health and Safety, HR, Training, and Occupational Health.

    If you have an enquiry please call us on 0330 043 0051 or email us on

    Existing clients call our 24-hour service and you will be directed to your expert consultant.

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