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    Gas Safety Training

    Handling gas safely is crucial. We can provide nationally accredited safety training for users of compressed and cryogenic gases.

    Compressed Gases Safety

    This course covers the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of bottled gases, such as argon, oxygen, nitrogen and propane, used in laboratory and industrial applications. It is suitable for those working with any compressed gas and associated equipment commonly used in applications such as calibration, packaging, production and analysis.

    The course theory covers:

    • Operator behaviours
    • Gas properties & hazards
    • Flammable toxic & special gases
    • Cylinder identification & data
    • Gas equipment
    • Emergency procedures
    • PPE
    • Cylinder storage & handling
    • Legislation & Codes of Practices

    Practical elements include:

    • Before-use checks including leak checking
    • Regulator fitting
    • Manual handing of cylinders
    • After use checks


    Certificates for this course are valid for 3 years, after which a refresher course is required.


    Cryogenic Gases Safety

    This course covers the hazards, safe use, filling & handling of cryogenic gases, such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen, used in industries including medical, engineering, manufacturing & produce.

    The course theory covers:

    • User behaviour & perceptions
    • Incident case study
    • Gas properties
    • Hazards caused by cryogens: cold; asphyxiation; Oxygen enrichment; pressure
    • Carbon dioxide & dry ice
    • Functions of pressurised vessels
    • Ice plugs
    • Embrittlement
    • PPE & First aid

    The practical element allows learners to undertake decanting.


    In House Training

    Agility would deliver either or both of these courses for you at your premises.

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