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    Food Safety Training

    Food Safety is of paramount importance in any business. Ever-increasing public concerns and the strict requirements and standards expected by local authorities and the Food Standards Agency have increased the duties on anyone working with food.

    A number of our courses are available as either:

    • Highfield Accredited
    • Non Accredited

    Below are a few of our popular courses, so if you are looking for a particular course please contacts us as we will more than likely be able to help.

    A chef plating up a plate of food with greens
    Breakfast table with peanuts on and a display highlighting peanut allergens

    Food Allergens Level 2

    Food Allergens Level 2 Our Allergen Awareness course aims to increase the delegates awareness of allergenic foods and ingredients and the risks from cross-contamination of allergenic foods. The course will equip delegates in the best practice of reducing the risks...

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    HACCP Levels 2 & 3

    HACCP Levels 2 & 3 The HACCP qualification will help anyone in a catering or manufacturing setting, where food is prepared, cooked and handled to understand the principles and purpose of HACCP and be able to apply it correctly in...

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    Taking cookies off a baking tray
    Chefs cutting up bread and peppers

    Food Safety Levels 2 and 3

    Food Safety Levels 2 and 3 The aim of this qualification is to provide candidates with knowledge of the basic food safety practices that are essential in the food catering, retail and manufacturing industries. This includes the hazards and risks...

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    Agility Risk & Compliance Ltd provide tailored solutions to mitigate risk and improve compliance in Health and Safety, HR, Training, and Occupational Health.

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