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    At Agility we make learning accessible to all and cater for all types of learner. Our eLearning programme has been complied so it covers a multitude of disciplines and makes it easy for users to learn anytime, anywhere and with limited restrictions all from the comfort of your own desk, chair or snug!

    All you need to be is have your digital device ready and we will support you with selecting the right course for you and your employees.

    Through the use of an online portal your employees are able to learn and develop wherever they are.

    Online training through the easy to use portal, will allow your company to monitor individuals progress with generated reports as well as introducing new areas of Health & Safety through awareness online.

    The online training system covers a wide range of topics from Fire Awareness, Working at Height and Asbestos Awareness. E-Learning uses a range of training aids from videos, pictures and past assessment questions. Candidates will receive a certificate to show they have completed and passed the course.

    • Health & Safety eLearning
    • Food Safety eLearning
    • First Aid eLearning

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    Health & Safety eLearning

    • Asbestos Awareness

      This e-learning module will provide an awareness for those individuals who may disturb asbestos in their everyday work, or those who work in a building where asbestos could be present.

    • Display Screen Equipment

      Display Screen Equipment (DSE) has now become part of everyone’s daily routines when at home or work. DSE covers conventional equipment, such as televisions, along with more modern technologies such as computers, laptops and tablet devices.

    • Level 1 Health and Safety

      This course is an ideal introduction to health and safety in the workplace. Ideal as part of an induction process or awareness training for those working in low risk jobs the course covers the 8 key modules of an RQF level 1 health and safety qualification.

    • Level 2 Health and Safety

      The course provides a thorough overview of key legislation, safety management processes, risk assessment and prevention.

    • Level 2 Health and Safety for Food Manufacturers

      Designed for people working in a food manufacturing role this course, written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger, meets all legal and mandatory training requirements.

    • Level 3 Health and Safety

      The course is very relevant for anyone who manages or supervises health & safety within an organisation. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor health & safety management procedures and systems.

    • Emergency First Aid at Work

      Equips delegates with a know-how and knowledge to be able to deal with First Aid emergencies in the workplace.

    • Fire Safety Level 2

      This course offers a comprehensive guide to best practice when it comes to fire safety. Ideal for managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire marshals and staff working in any area where there is a potential risk of fire.

    • Manual Handling

      This course is designed to complement the CIEH Level 2 Award in Manual Handling – Principles and Practice. This aims to reduce the risk of injury for anyone who carries out manual handling tasks.

    • Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness

      This e-learning module aims to alert all staff to the dangers of slip and trip accidents and to raise their awareness to the dangers of the everyday hazards. If your workers can begin to understand and recognise hazards, your business will become far more productive and more importantly safer.

    • Working at Heights

      This e-learning module will not only help you to satisfy Health and Safety Regulations, but will also go a significant way to ensuring the safety of your staff when they are at work.

    • Introduction to Environmental Awareness

      An environmental awareness induction course. Suitable for a variety of candidates, this course provides students with an understanding of the impact of our daily life on the environment.

    • Legionella Awareness
    • Level 2 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

    Food Safety eLearning

    HR eLearning

    • Level 2 Customer Service

      From the basic principles of customer service to understanding and anticipating customers’ wants and needs, the course breaks information into engaging and interactive chunks.

    • Stress Management

      The course covers the importance of personal resilience and how this can help you to cope with stress, and finally will help you learn the steps to carry out a risk assessment for work-related stress.

    • Managing Conflict

      Effective conflict management can improve engagement amongst employees, ensure that customer experience is not tarnished, and create better relationships, both internally and with customers, that result in a more talented, productive workforce.

    • Equality and Diversity

      Equality and diversity concerns avoiding discrimination and ensuring that there is equal opportunity for all stakeholders, which in turn leads to a positive company culture and better staff engagement levels. This short course is designed to help your organisation understand the importance of providing equal opportunity for all.

    • Communication

      This short course in Communication is ideal for all levels of employee within a business and as part of the induction process for new employees.

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