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    Driver Training

    The driver training programme includes an online assessment to identify driver risk quickly and efficiently.

    Alongside online training we can also offer courses and workshops developed by Cranfield University to help you implement a highly effective fleet safety solution. These courses are;

    • Insight into Action: On the road coaching
    • Behavioural Workshop

    Road traffic crashes are the biggest cause of death and injury at work.

    In this dangerous driving environment, we will have the potential to be involved in a crash.

    Research has demonstrated that the way we think and feel when driving, is directly linked to how we respond to situations on the road.

    Handing over some car keys


    eLearning Modules

    Depending on your businesses goals you can add further modules creating bespoke ePacks.


    On the Road Coaching

    Individualised coaching gives your fleet drivers targeted, dedicated coaching that’s based on their own risk profile.


    Behavioural Workshop

    Tailored to your fleet type and number of drivers. Providing you with strategies to help you improve driver behaviour.

    The FDRI has been developed to help you understand the extent to which your driving actions, may increase your chances of being involved in an accident.

    Your employees will be asked a range of questions about their experience when driving to work. Their responses will be used to determine their individual driving behaviour profile in relation to how thousands of other drivers have responded. The profile will highlight areas of strengths and  identify areas of increased risks based on how they generally respond to different situations.

    A comprehensive report will be developed based on their responses. This addresses the risk and behaviours identified and can be performed in various methods including; e-learning, driver coaching and/or driver workshops.

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