Investing in your employee’s skills is a popular method to not only increase the skill set of an organisation’s workforce, but enhance employee motivation, loyalty and performance.

Agility has created a collection of training programmes based on an employee’s life cycle. The eight training programmes work well as a bundle, or as one offs, and can act as an introduction to the subject or as a refresher. To make the HR training packages even more flexible, we can deliver them as open programmes or as an in-company programme that is completely bespoke to you.

Agility’s HR training courses are designed to deliver the highest level of training possible and can be delivered either on-site or at our dedicated training facility.

Absence Management Training

This course illustrates the different approaches that should be adopted when dealing with different types of absences. Explanations are supported by long-standing and recent case law.

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Contracts of Employment Training

The course will give attendees a practical guide to the basic legal principles that govern the formation, existence and termination of employment contracts.

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Disciplinary & Grievance Training

The course is designed to help you identify ways to reduce the risk of you having to deal with disciplinary and grievances at work.

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Discrimination in the Workplace Training

Agility's discrimination in the workplace training is intended to provide you with a knowledge of how current anti-discriminative legislation impacts on the workplace.

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Performance Management Training

This performance management training course explains the legal framework relating to managing performance at work.

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Recruitment & Selection Training

This course covers all aspects of employee recruitment and selection; we will explain how to get the best from each process and how to ensure you comply with current legislation.

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Termination of Contract Training

There are a number of ways in which the contract can be terminated; this course will look at each of them, including dismissal and resignation.

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Tribunal Training

This course aims to give you knowledge of employment tribunal claims, litigation and procedure.

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