Health and Safety Training for Managers


Agility offer a variety of IOSH accredited training courses, each targeted at a specific group of your employees.

Our team of trainers are experts in health and safety training and use a variety of training methods to ensure that all delegates stay alert and interested throughout the course.

Who are IOSH?

IOSH are the ‘Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’ and are the leading body for health and safety professionals.

IOSH was founded in 1954 as an independent, not-for-profit organisation. IOSH not only sets the professional standards but also aims to promote awareness of health and safety matters in the workplace and ensure that high standards are both achieved and maintained.

Need guidance on finding the right course for you?

There are so many different IOSH courses available, it can be confusing to know which one you need to take. Each IOSH training course is designed for a particular set of job roles and positions. To ensure you book the correct course please call us on 01527 571611 and we’ll walk you through which IOSH course best suits you.


IOSH Management of Health and Safety in Education

Taking just two days, this course raises awareness of health and safety from a foundation level.

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IOSH Managing Safely

Managing Safely acts as a full introduction to Health & Safety, targeted at managers and supervisors.

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IOSH Managing Safely Renewal

This course is designed to refresh the knowledge that delegates obtained on the full four day IOSH Managing Safely course within the past three years.

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IOSH Safety for Senior Executives

The IOSH Safety for Senior Executives course is suitable for those who have responsibility for policy making and strategic planning for health & safety.

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IOSH Working Safely

The course will provide delegates with a good basic knowledge in the essentials of health & safety.

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