HACCP Level 2 (e-learning)

Course Description

This is a 2.5 hour e-learning course on L2 HACCP and concludes with a 20 question course review. The course covers the content and structure of the CIEH L2 Principles of HACCP course. In the final module the learner is able to print out examples and blank forms for use within their own organisation and understand how these are mapped on to the 12 step Codex model.

Course Content

  • Module objectives
  • High quality colour images and illustrations
  • In-course quick reviews
  • End of course test

Course Coverage

  • Explain the concept of HACCP
  • Define the terms ‘contamination’, ‘hazard’, ‘risk’ and ‘control’ as they relate to food safety
  • State the benefits of a HACCP based food safety management system
  • State the legal requirements for food businesses to adopt a food safety management system and the consequences of failing to comply
  • Identify the four contamination hazards (microbial, physical, chemical and allergenic)
  • Identify typical controls for food safety hazards
  • Outline the pre-requisites for HACCP
  • Identify the hazards included in a HACCP plan
  • Describe a product and its intended use
  • Produce a process flow diagram
  • Confirm process flow diagrams on site
  • Conduct a hazard analysis and identify critical control measures
  • Determine critical control points
  • Establish critical limits
  • Create a system to monitor the control of critical control points
  • Decide the corrective action to take when monitoring indicates that a critical control point is not under control
  • Explain how to verify that a HACCP based system is working effectively
  • Identify when a HACCP based system needs to be reviewed
  • Identify appropriate documentation and record keeping required in a HACCP based system
  • Describe a food handler’s responsibilities within a HACCP based system
  • Identify the steps in a process where hazards can put the safety of food at risk
  • Implement monitoring procedures and corrective actions to control food safety hazards

System Features

Access to LMS (Learning Management System) including:

  • Custom design and company branding
  • Bookmark place and stop or start anytime
  • Create training plans and records
  • Upload supporting documents or content
  • Personalise news items and alerts
  • Message the trainer or colleagues
  • Print certificate of completion

CIEH eLearning courses can be used, in part or in its entirety, to prepare candidates to undertake the exam leading to a CIEH (Ofqual regulated) Level 2 Award; provided by CIEH registered centres under CIEH procedures.

This eLearning qualification can be accessed on tablet computers, such iPads and Android devices. Please download the Photon Flash Player App to take advantage of this feature