Food Safety

Food Safety is of paramount importance in any business. Ever increasing public concerns and the strict requirements and standards expected by local authorities and the Food Standards Agency have increased the duties on anyone working with food. 

At Agility, we recognise this and are here to help. We provide both training and consultancy services through our team of food safety experts throughout the UK.

Food Safety Consultancy Services 

Agility’s consultancy services include development of food safety management systems, food safety and hygiene audits and food safety inspections.

Food Safety Management System 

We will help you to develop a food management system, containing procedures and proforma’s to ensure compliance with the latest food safety legislation and best practice. This service will require a food safety consultant to visit your premises to personalise and implement the system. Specific training on the system will also be required to ensure successful implementation.

Food Safety and Hygiene Audits 

The length of the food safety and hygiene audits depends upon the size and complexity of the organisation. The audits will specifically concentrate on compliance with food safety legislation and maintaining strict hygiene standards. The audit will focus on key areas, such as cleanliness, HACCP food management and the potential for cross contamination. The findings of the audit will be detailed in a comprehensive action plan, which prioritises all findings according to the risks identified.

Food Safety Inspections 

These are shorter inspections of your workplace and target obvious non-compliance with legislation and best hygiene practice. A hygiene rating will be given at the end of the inspection. It is better to get a rating from us, detailing improvements, than receive a poor rating from the local authority.

Food Allergens Level 2

Agility’s Allergen Awareness course aims to increase the delegates awareness of allergenic foods and ingredients and the risks from cross contamination of allergenic foods.

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Food Safety Level 2

The aim of this qualification is to provide candidates with knowledge of the basic food safety practices that is essential in the food catering, retail and manufacturing industries.

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Food Safety Level 2 (e-learning)

A food safety / food hygiene compliance course. Designed for anyone working in a catering setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled.

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Food Safety Level 3

Developed to provide a thorough understanding of food safety procedures emphasising the importance of monitoring staff and control measures.

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Food Safety Level 3 (e-learning)

This is a 10 hour e-learning course on Level 3 Food Safety and concludes with a 40 question course review. This is further supported with CIEH Level 3 Activity Book.

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HACCP Level 2

This one-day qualification will help anyone in a catering or manufacturing setting, where food is prepared, cooked and handled to understand the principles and purpose of HACCP and be able to apply it correctly in their own workplace.

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HACCP Level 2 (e-learning)

A 2.5 hour e-learning course on L2 HACCP and concludes with a 20 question course review. The course covers the content and structure of the CIEH L2 Principles of HACCP course.

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HACCP Level 3

This practical, accessible and user-friendly qualification has been created to help caterers comply with EU legislation and provides a thorough understanding of how HACCP-based procedures can be applied in a catering context.

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Serving the Allergic and Food Intolerant Customer (e-learning)

This course covers Understanding Allergens and Food Labelling moving from understanding allergies and their causes into understanding food labels with an ingredients list and warnings on packed food and then to dealing with preparing and serving non packed food.

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