Asbestos (e-learning)

Course Intro 

Until the 1990’s most buildings contained asbestos, and even until the year 2000 asbestos may be found in some buildings. It was considered a ‘miracle ingredient’ and was added to increase the strength and durability of products.

Gradually the dangers of asbestos began to be realised and we now have the legacy of millions of buildings with asbestos products in their structure. Disturbing the asbestos, either during maintenance work or structural alterations can be dangerous, both for those who undertake the work and for those who are based in the same buildings.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations originally came into force on the 13th November 2006, and has subsequently been updated on the 6th April 2012. The regulations require mandatory training for anyone who is liable to be exposed to asbestos fibres at work.

This e-learning module will provide an awareness for those individuals who may disturb asbestos in their everyday work, or those who work in a building where asbestos could be present.

Course Coverage 

  • What is asbestos
  • Definition and types of asbestos
  • The history of asbestos
  • Uses of asbestos
  • The dangers to health posed by asbestos
  • The history of asbestos legislation
  • The 2006 Control of asbestos
  • What is a license?
  • Who will require a license?
  • The duty holder – Their responsibilities
  • Undertaking work on pre – 2000 buildings
  • The asbestos Register
  • The asbestos management plan
  • Who is at risk
  • Sampling
  • When work begins
  • Emergency procedures
  • What the removers should do
  • Removal procedures – for information
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