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    Specialist Services

    Agility supplies complete and detailed screening audiometry reports with every job, giving the client everything they need to manage the issue and comply with the noise regulations.

    We recommend full fitness or health surveillance to be conducted annually for the first two years of being exposed and then at three-yearly intervals and depending on your industry or role adding additional specialist services such as; drug & alcohol or face fit testing.

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    Urine test strips in purple gloves

    Drug & Alcohol

    Not only is there a legal obligation to provide a safer work environment, but drug and alcohol misuse can also have a huge negative impact on productivity and costs to your business. The detrimental effects drugs and alcohol can have...

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    Tailored Health Surveillance

    At Agility Risk & Compliance we can offer a tailored health surveillance package to suit your current business needs. We are here to guide, support and implement any or all of the following: Audiology Spirometry Skin Surveillance Hand Arm Vibration...

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    Respirator fit test prepared for COVID-19

    Face Fit Testing

    Our Face Fit testing aims to provide assurance that as an employer you provide the maximum designed protection for your employees. The HSE code of practice including COSHH, Claw and CAR stipulate that fit testing should be used when selecting...

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    Contact Agility R&C

    Agility Risk & Compliance Ltd provide tailored solutions to mitigate risk and improve compliance in Health and Safety, HR, Training, and Occupational Health.

    If you have an enquiry please call us on 0330 043 0051 or email us on

    Existing clients call our 24-hour service and you will be directed to your expert consultant.

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