Health Surveillance Medicals

A health surveillance system can highlight hazards in your workplace that are not properly being controlled.

In addition, they can recommend effective strategies that can help you to reduce these hazards.

Many SME business owners are concerned that this process will be too expensive and take a large chunk out of their operating budget, but in reality the failure to assess workplace hazards will cost them money rather than help them save.

A health surveillance package includes all of the below screening tests, ENQUIRE HERE about this package.


Audiology testing is to be performed in loud working environments 80db or above or where hearing protection is worn. Agility’s occupational health team provide your business with regular audiometric screenings either in a quiet room on your site, in one...

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Spirometry screening is a technique used to detect early damage to lung function resulting from the exposure of substances hazardous to health. Lung function tests are mandatory in industries where people might be exposed to hazardous substances and respiratory sensitisers....

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Skin Surveillance

Dermatology Skin Surveillance can be a last thing you would think of as a concern within the work place. As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees to help detect and identify any irritants or sensitisers...

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Hand Arm Vibration (HAVs)

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs) is the medical term for symptoms caused by vibration damages that may occur in the fingers, hands and arms when working with vibrating tools or machinery. Vibration injuries are divided into three subgroups: Musculoskeletal Neurological...

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Healthy and Safety Retainer Support

Fitness to Work Letters

Protecting the health of your employees during their time at work is paramount and it is essential that employers have robust surveillance programmes in place. Agility offer a number of occupational health screening services to help you manage this. The...

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