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    Vision / Colour Vision

    Vision screening for employees is mainly over looked a lot of the time, at agility it is something we have to offer. We can conduct vision screening for both short sighted and long sighted vision, we can carry out peripheral vision testing within the assessment and we even provide colour deficiency assessments. This can be critical for many job roles making sure employees vision is not having any effect on how they perform their daily tasks or putting themselves and other employees at risk.

    You may even want to conduct vision screening on employees who use display screen equipment carrying out duty of care to your employees.

    As a company under the law of Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 it is required by health and safety regulations for you to offer eyesight testing on all employers using VDU. Making sure you also offer glasses to the employees who are need.

    Black and white image with a blue eye having an eye test

    Agility can:

    • Help advise on who will need vision screening within your work place
    • Conduct vision testing with authorised equipment and standards of DVLA Laws and legislations
    • Provide competent and guidance on any advice you need to give to your employees


    Fork Lift Truck / Vehicle Drivers

    The importance of your employees being able to drive a vehicle safely is exceedingly important. An employee with vision difficulties could result in an accident having various different implications on the company. Why not prevent that from happening with annual vision testing and making sure your company is a safe working environment but not only that covered legally. Making sure your drivers are not driving illegally due to an old prescription which has run out or even not having a prescription at all.


    The important of having a vision test for electricians is very important for the obvious reasons not just to make sure they can wire up electronics but also to make sure they can see the correct colours of each individual wire. Colour vision is something we can offer here at agility and something that must be carried out on all electricians as well as vision testing.

    These are just some of the safety critical roles in which vision testing is so important so why not get in tough with us today.

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