Urinalysis can be a key part to offering health and wellbeing checks to your employees.

It is a test that requires a urine sample and is used to identify any metabolic, kidney disorders, glucose levels and for urinary tract infections.

The test consists of a plastic stick with chemicals on which is placed into the urine to detect any irregularities, it will then change colour depending on the levels which are present in the urine.

Why it is important to have it done:

  • Check overall health
  • Recognise any medical conditions
  • Monitor any medical conditions

The urine test looks for:

  • Acidity (pH) – Checks for the level of acid in the urine. Abnormal Ph levels can specify a urinary tract or kidney condition.
  • Blood – Can be a sign of a serious infection within the body such as bladder cancer, bladder stones or blood disorders.
  • Bilirubin – Which can be a sign of liver damage or disease.
  • Glucose – This can be a sign of diabetes.
  • Ketones – This can also be a sign of diabetes
  • Protein – Large amounts of protein in the urine can indicate kidney problems
  • Nitrites/Leukocyte – Can be a sign of a urinary tract infection


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