Skin Surveillance

Dermatology Skin Surveillance can be a last thing you would think of as a concern within the work place. As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees to help detect and identify any irritants or sensitisers to the skin. By doing this you can then control any known exposures or products which are having an effect on the employees and are causing Occupational Dermatitis.

In 2002 the Health & Safety Executive estimated that there were 34,000 people in the UK suffering from skin problems caused by work.

We can offer health screening for dermatology covering the UK, these assessments take approximately 10 minutes and covers a dermatology assessment in the workplace filling out a questionnaire and also examining and skin issues.

If any skin issues have arisen during your skin surveillance screening it is good to then look at the current PPE to make sure it is significant in its effects towards the employee and if not taking the appropriate measures as an employee to look at a more beneficial form.

Patient undergoing skin allergy test at light table, closeup

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