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    Blood pressure

    Blood pressure can be a very important part to monitor in employees as an employer. As high blood pressure is known to be hypertension.

    With the lifestyle in which many of us live with bad eating habits or not a healthy lifestyle, hypertension can be a very common within individuals causing many risks such as:

    • A stroke
    • Heart attack
    • Aneurysms (swelling and weakening of arteries)
    • Kidney problems

    This can have major impact on employees abilities to work or may not be able to work at all. For example hypertension can have an effect on individuals memory, and also being able to cause heart attacks and strokes. What if your employee is driving a FLT truck/ Vocational driving or is lone working as was to have any of these problems.

    Blood pressure meter medical equipment isolated on white.

    Your employees are not just putting themselves in danger but also other employees or members of the public. This is why it can be vital to have blood pressure checks annually making sure your employees are safe and your organisation as a whole.

    Why to get blood pressure checked:

    • To stop the health risks
    • Hypertension goes unnoticed in a lot of individuals
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles to employees
    • Protect your company

    From all the evidence shown it is clear that high blood pressure (hypertension) can effect all employers and companies. Our Occupational health professionals can help identify the problem earlier to help get it resolved. We can assist your company by having routine blood pressure checks and advising employees on healthy lifestyle choices. Making your employees healthier but also your company a safer place to work at.

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