HR Management System

Agility’s HR software is a collection of tools in one online package to help you manage all aspects of your human resources.

Instead of paper slips for holiday bookings, complex spreadsheets for absences, or a filing cabinet of employee records, everything is managed in one piece of software.

The following are just some of the tools provided within the system to make managing all aspects of HR stress-free.

Online holiday management 

No more questions about holiday entitlements, outstanding days or pro rata calculations. Using myhrtoolkit HR software your employees and managers have all the information they need. Holiday requests and approvals will just be a couple of clicks and all leave calculations will be automatic.

Improve and track absence management 

Track and report on all types of absence. Managers can enter data or self-service empowers employees to take responsibility. Insights can be gained by alerts and reports including critical information, such as Bradford factor scores, allowing you to improve attendance.

HR reports for better decisions 

Our HR reports provide information to help you make better decisions and connect with your employees. Managers will benefit from information about their team. Top-level directors and senior managers will gain greater insight into the organisation. Reports will help you make sense of all the data in the HR system and enable you to reduce the time you spend on HR admin.

Issue, track and securely store HR documents 

HR documents, like company handbooks and workplace policies, need to be shared quickly and efficiently with employees. You can also see who has read them and who has not. Your key HR policies are vital to protect your organisation and communicate your rules and procedures. Your staff will have access to all of your key company documents at any time: from work or from home.

All employee data in one place 

You can stop trying to manage multiple spreadsheets and outdated paper files. HR Toolkit makes it easy to manage and share information, even across different locations, as it is cloud-based. You’ll also save time, as employees access their own data rather than having a single point of access for HR admin tasks.

Self-service from anywhere 

You and your employees can access the system from anywhere. This works well if your organisation has multiple locations or remote workers. Although, if you wish, there are extra security settings that can be implemented so that employees will only have access from within your corporate network.

Self-service enables employees and managers to conduct HR admin tasks that normally would not be possible with spreadsheets or paper-based HR systems.

Performance appraisal management 

Appraisals gives you a simple and flexible system to remind, record and track all areas of your internal performance management process. You will have easy access to all previous appraisal details and you’ll never forget about a scheduled appraisal again.

Organise your company training 

The system lets you record all training taken by employees. You can attach training certificates, record costings and receive reminders when training expires.

Get more done with task notifications 

Managing your ‘to do’ list within the system is simple, yet very effective. Yourself, managers, or even employees, can use the notifications and message boards in the software to become more organised.