Employment Investigations

Investigations should be conducted when managing conflict between individuals when an employee has raised a grievance or during disciplinary proceedings, for example, for misconduct.

Investigations are undertaken to gather, establish and assess the facts surrounding a grievance or disciplinary issue. While they are not part of the formal disciplinary hearing, they are an essential part of the process before making a determination as to whether to proceed to a disciplinary hearing and/or whether to uphold a grievance.

The nature and extent of your investigation will depend on the seriousness of the matter, and the more serious it is, then the more thorough the investigation should be. It is important to keep an open mind. The employment tribunal will expect you to show that you have conducted a careful, fair and objective investigation where complaints are made by or about employees.

How can Agility help?

Our consultants can act as an independent third party to investigate a grievance, complaint, conflict or potential disciplinary case where there is a conflict of interest, alternatively we can offer advice and guidance on how to conduct an investigation fairly.