HR precedents

Managing a HR function or department typically involves dealing with fairly substantial volumes of paperwork and incidents. In addition, life events happen and so having a collection of HR precedents ready for any eventuality will save a lot of time and resource when managing a workforce.

Agility has helped design hundreds of HR precedents, ranging from holiday and commission forms, to illness and maternity forms, and as with our contracts of employment and employee handbook offerings, Agility has two delivery options when it comes to its HR precedents library:

  1. Standard off-the-shelf HR precedents.
  2. Bespoke forms that are completely tailored to the client organisation.

Some of the most popular HR precedents include: 

  • Holiday forms
  • Sick forms
  • Interview forms
  • Maternity/paternity forms
  • Disciplinary forms
  • Return to work

If you would like to purchase our library of template documents, please contact us on 01527 571611 or complete and submit the enquiry form on the right hand side of the screen.