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    Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement can be overlooked as its importance is not always recognised. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg. Just ensuring an employee feels valued can support a reduced absence rate, retains the employee and encourages an increase in positivity and productivity. This can only be a good thing.

    We can support you with employee engagement and advise on different ways to engage your employees. It doesn’t always have to be in a monetary form and there are plenty of ways to engage your employees without having to spend a penny. Having engaged employees will lead to employee retention which is an added bonus!

    Safety for Senior Executives

    Employee Relations

    Employee relations describes the relationship between employer and employee. It is important to have strong employee relations. Good relationships often lead to a productive workforce. Important factors of employment relations includes working conditions, pay and benefits, work life balance and...

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    Reward & Recognition

    Recognising your employees will motivate, encourage and increase the productivity of your workforce. Employees will have goals to reach for and will be further inspired to do so. Reward sends messages about the organisations values and goals. Non-financial rewards can...

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    Performance Management

    Performance management should always be in line with your organisation’s strategic goals, coupled with the skills and aptitude of your employees. This will support the growth of your business. If a performance issue has been identified, you’ll need to meet...

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    Training and Development

    By attending our training courses, your employees will be empowered with knowledge to apply to the workplace. They can learn about a wide range of HR issues and procedures, to mitigate risk. Anyone is welcome on these courses ranging from...

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    Work Force Planning

    In times of change due to external changes due to pandemics, the economy or the environment, you need to align your organisational needs with people strategy. This process consists of analysing the current workforce, future needs, and identifying the gap....

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    Pay & Remuneration

    To attract the right talent to your business, and retain them, you may be in the position to offer financial rewards. If you would like us to review or design your bonus and pay structure for wage and career progression...

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    Agility Risk & Compliance Ltd provide tailored solutions to mitigate risk and improve compliance in Health and Safety, HR, Training, and Occupational Health.

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