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    Health and Safety Audits

    It is essential that health and safety audits are undertaken annually to understand your position in relation to achieving health and safety compliance and to identify any immediate hazards posing harm to your employees.

    Undertaking these audits will assist you in the development of your health and safety documentation and ensure continual improvement, reducing the risk to your business.

    At Agility, our team of qualified health and safety consultants can carry out full health and safety audits at one, or all of your premises. These audits would cover all of the physical parts of the premises and work activities, as well as a review of your health and safety documentation, including your:

    • Risk assessments
    • Safe systems of work
    • Statutory inspections
    • Policies

    This will establish current standards of Health & Safety compliance and will be summarised in a report and action plan consisting of;

    • Good working practices identified
    • Areas of concerns/improvements
    • Identification and Risk-scoring of hazards
    • Action/improvement plan
    • Assessment of Training requirements

    The reports are produced in a user friendly format (no legislative jargon) that detail the observations made and hazards identified, level of risk (high, medium or low) with straight forward and practical recommendations that are necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance and best practice.

    These should be reviewed periodically by both internal and external personnel to ensure changes i.e. business developments, are identified and that progress is maintained. Complacency is health and safety’s worse enemy, which is why it is often more beneficial for external professionals to conduct these evaluations.

    Please give us a call if you would like any further detail on this, or if you would like to get a consultant booked in to visit your business.

    Man performing a risk assessment

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