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    Competent Person

    Appointing a competent person is a very important step when it comes to managing your company’s health and safety requirements.

    The appointed person will either be an employee supported by an external health and safety agency or purely an external agency.

    Whichever avenue you choose to go down, our team of health and safety consultants can act as your competent person. Ensuring your company meets its necessary legal obligations.

    But, did you know that every company is required by law to have an appointed competent person that can assist you in ensuring you meet the necessary legal health and safety obligations?

    This means that as an employer you must appoint someone to provide sound advice on all matters of health and safety.

    Competent Person

    Your Appointed Competent Person 

    Appointing Agility Risk & Compliance as your health and safety competent person ensures your company is not only meeting its necessary legal requirements but gives you peace of mind that your companies health and safety needs are in safe hands.

    Acting as your appointed competent person, our team of consultants work closely with your business to fully understand your company’s activities and put in place the necessary requirements to ensure you are fully health and safety compliant.

    As part of being your health and safety competent person we carry out all the necessary steps to ensure your business is fully compliant, by taking such steps as;

    • Analyse, update and/or implement a health and safety management system
    • Review, update and if required create the necessary health and safety documentation required
    • Carry out any necessary onsite audits & inspections
    • Ensure all staff have the necessary levels of health and safety training required to meet the necessary legal requirements and ensure you and your employees are completely safe.
    • We understand that no two businesses are alike so our competent person scheme is always tailored to your requirements to ensure you receive the necessary level of service required to ensure you meet the necessary health and safety legal obligations required.

    Using Agility as your competent person means you will have flexible and effective advice on hand for whenever you need it. All our members of staff are highly trained and professionals in every area of health and safety.

    • Q. What makes a person competent in H&S?

      A. Competence can be described as the combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge.

    • Q. Can Agility be our competent person?

      A. Yes, however there are certain criteria that we need to have to become your competent person, these include;

      • Knowledge of your activities,
      • Your H&S management system
      • Your H&S process and procedures.
      • We also need to visit your site at least once a year to undertake a health and safety evaluation

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