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    Environmental Management Systems

    Environmental Management is the process of managing the environmental interactions associated with an organisations activities. To manage these interactions effectively, in line with legislation and best practice, a comprehensive environmental management system needs to be developed.

    An environmental management system is a framework that helps an organisation achieve its environmental goals by applying consistent controls to its operations.


    Bespoke Environmental Management System

    Based on our effective and popular health and safety management system, Agility Risk & Compliance tailors your environmental management system to your business requirements and proportionate to the risks associated.

    City of London, one of the leading centres of global finance, covered with forest.

    Our environmental management system contains a number of principle elements, such as;

    • An Environmental Policy: A clear statement of intent showing a commitment to continuous improvement
    • Objective and Target Setting: Development of a set of clear and attainable environmental objectives and targets specific to the organisation
    • Environmental Aspect and Impact Register: A register containing all of the organisations environmental interactions and significant risks
    • Environmental Arrangements: The Environmental Management System can contain as many or as few environmental arrangements to fulfil the organisations needs and environmental risks
    • Auditing: Environmental Auditing and compliance check sheets to demonstrate that environmental records and controls are being undertaken, by whom and when

    Once your environmental management system has been implemented, our environmental consultants will provide full training and support on to ensure your new management system is fully utilised.

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