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    Construction Line

    What is the Constructionline?

    Constructionline is the UK’s leading procurement provider and supply-chain management service, working with construction buyers and suppliers for the past 20 years. Providing you with four levels of membership designed to accommodate the broadening needs of both Suppliers and Buyers.

    The Constructionline certification audits businesses using a comprehensive assessment including evaluating their approach to health & safety, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and quality management. Over 10,000 buyers from public and private sector organisations regularly use the platform to access pre-qualified suppliers to ensure they meet the stringent requirements expected of certified Constructionline accredited members.

    Why choose Constructionline for my business:

    Constructionline build value from beginning to end in the supply chain and procurement cycle, making it easy for you to optimise performance, minimise risk and realise opportunities. We collect, verify and monitor standard company information through a question set that is aligned to PAS 91 and offer a range of allied services and opportunities, all designed to assist you in your day-to-day activities.


    • Backed and quality assured by Supplier Assessment Services.
    • Member of Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP) – supported by the HSE and universally accepted in public and private sector procurement.
    • Helpful question set guidance and ‘what you need to provide’ evidence checklist.
    • Contains just 12 simple and straightforward questions.
    • Open to all industries and companies, large or small.

    Are Constructionline and Acclaim Accreditation the same Accreditation Body?

    Constructionline is the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service for the construction industry, who’s aim is to improve efficiencies for Buyers and Suppliers in the procurement process. Constructionline offers assurance to Buyers about the business competency and capability of Suppliers, including the need to demonstrate health and safety management competency.

    Acclaim Accreditation is a health and safety assessment scheme provided by Supplier Assessment Services and is open to all industries. Constructionline Gold membership includes Acclaim Accreditation or a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ certificate for an alternative valid SSIP certificate. Constructionline Platinum membership includes Acclaim Accreditation as standard.

    Are there different levels of certification for the Common Assessment Standard?

    Yes, there is a desktop standard that corresponds to Constructionline Gold and a site-based audit standard that can be achieved through Constructionline Platinum.

    Furthermore, there are 4 levels to suit any business, they are:

    • Constructionline – Bronze Membership.
    • Constructionline – Silver Membership.
    • Constructionline – Gold Membership.
    • Constructionline – Platinum Membership.

    What level do I need to sign up, in order to be compliant with the Common Assessment Standard?

    For the desktop audit, you will need to be verified to Gold with the Common Assessment Standard question set, for the onsite audit you will need to be verified to Platinum.

    Can Agility Risk and Compliance support me with my Constructionline Assessment?

    Our Health and Safety Consultants are highly qualified, based around the UK and have a wealth of experience across a range of industries. Whether you would like Agility to support your Constructionline submission process or are looking for full management and support of certifications / accreditations, Agility Risk and Compliance have the answers. For a tailored quotation for Constructionline support within your business contact us today on 01527 571 611.

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