Data Privacy Policy

Who we are

When your business applies for products provided by us we may acquire personal information about you. This personal information will be held by Agility Risk & Compliance a part of the Agility Group. More information on the Group can be found at:


Using Your Information for Fraud Prevention

We may share your personal information from your application with fraud prevention agencies. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details of this fraud will be passed to these agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering.


Undertaking Credit Searches

We may obtain information about you and your business from credit reference agencies and Agility Risk & Compliance records to check your credit status. The credit reference agency enquiries may be seen by other companies making their own enquiries and may affect your ability to obtain credit elsewhere.


Checking Your Identity

We may ask you to provide physical forms of identity verification or search the files of credit reference agencies which will keep a record of our search, whether or not your application proceeds. This is not seen or used by lenders to assess your ability to obtain credit.


Undertaking Anti-Money Laundering Checks

To comply with money laundering regulations, there are times we need to confirm (or reconfirm) the name and address of our clients including directors and key account parties. This information may be shared with other Group companies.


How we Manage Sensitive Personal Information

In certain limited circumstances we may be required to process some ‘sensitive’ personal information about you. We will only do so if it is required to allow us to manage your accounts or meet any legal or regulatory requirements. We will ensure that our use of your ‘sensitive’ personal information is consistent with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and, wherever possible, we will ask for your explicit consent before we use any sensitive data.


How we use your Information to Contact You About Products and Services

Agility Risk & Compliance may use your information to contact you by mail, telephone, text message, and email, through messages on our website or by social media about products and services that may be of interest to you. If you wish to receive this information, please click here.