Occupational spirometry is a screening technique used to detect early damage to lung function resulting from exposure to substances hazardous to health. Identifying any damage as early as possible allows appropriate follow up remedial action in the workplace and any necessary medical referral of the employee.

Agility offers a high quality occupational spirometry testing service to help employers achieve compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations (2002), which states ‘employees who are, or are likely to be, exposed to a substance hazardous to health, the employer shall ensure that such employees are under suitable health surveillance.’


What does it involve?

The spirometry testing process requires attendees to be weighed, have their height measured, answer a short questionnaire and inhale and exhale multiple times into a spirometer. The exhalation of air from the individual’s lungs will create electronic readings that allow the technician conducting the test to identify any early damage to lung function.

Agility will undertake this for you, providing a practical, detailed employer’s report, summarising the data and offering practical recommendations to you, the employer.

Each spirometry appointment takes approximately 15 minutes and is completed with the latest spirometers. Please note that for a small fee, we can deliver a mobile screening unit to your premises if you don’t have a suitable screening room available.

We can complete up to 30 screenings per session, each session being a maximum of nine hours in duration. So whether you have shift patterns, work evenings or weekends, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Agility recommends screenings are conducted annually for each employee, so that any damage to lung function is identified at the earliest possible opportunity.