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    Agility Conduct COVID-19 Risk Assessment at their Premises

    Published on June 5th, 2020 | by Sophie West

    Agility Group has assessed the risks and implemented several control measures in line with the Government and Public Health guidance.  We have conducted health and safety briefings for members of staff currently working which will outline our significant findings of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

    The basis of us being able to operate with a tolerable risk. The effectiveness of all measures is entirely down to compliance and behaviour of all of us. Each one of us has a duty of care for each other, to act responsibly and recognise the hazard to our health and the extremely contagious nature of this virus.

    The Government announced on 10.05.2020 the plans for emerging from ‘lock-down’ and although the Government published data showing positive trends, there is a real concern that relaxing the ‘lock-down’ could result in a secondary spike in infection rates. It is therefore likely that all measures we are currently taking, plus others, will continue for a considerable amount of time.

    Following this announcement, we have re-visited current control methods and have laid out our plans for further action in the Risk Assessment completed on 27 May 2020 and will be regularly reviewing the risk assessment in line with the Government announcements.

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